The following projects reflect a wide range of instructional design and eLearning production methods and tools.  Each project displays the objective of the course and the prominent features used in various authoring tools.

Objective:  This one minute video explains how to login to a virtual class.

Objective:  In this interactive eLearning course, the learner will be guided step-by-step on how to complete an Incident Report.incident-report-cover

The course uncovers the definition of an incident, how to identify an incident and explain why an incident is crucial to track.

The sample form is displayed and zoomed so the learner can see the components of the form.

The course includes visual samples of incidents including accidental needle sticks, improper medication dosage and privacy.

Authoring software:  Articulate Storyline

icd-lesson-3-table-of-contentsObjective: This online course on ICD-10 Coding has multiple modules.

Clear Lesson Objectives are highlighted and have branch navigation.  A Table of Contents allows the learners to select the disease. The course contains a graded assessment.

Authoring software: Lectora

dentaquestObjective:  The comprehensive multi-module online course for a Dental organization captures the risk concepts both visually and interactively.

In this scenario, the learner explores each type of risk (high, moderate and low) and identifies the types of treatments and procedures to follow.

The online course includes activities, periodic quizzes and immediate feedback.

Authoring software:  Articulate Studio 13

mra-quantObjective:  This refresher course for the Marketing Research Association was designed to review market research concepts.

  • Module 1:  Overview and Planning
  • Module 2:  Quantitative Analysis
  • Module 3:  Qualitative Analysis
  • Module 4:  Synthesis and Reports
  • Module 5:  Special Topics

The course includes interactive examples of fundamental market research concepts.  From examining quantitative concepts such as statistical tests and cohort studies, to designing effective focus groups to managing client relationships, to writing effective market research reports, as well as to understanding the legal and ethical ramifications of market research, the course highlights these topics in preparation for the MRA Exam.

Authoring software:  Lectora

ez-health-resourcesObjective:  Working in collaboration with colleagues/classmates, the objective of the EZ Health Resources is to cull together easy to understand health resources. Separating the topics into three categories: Caregivers, Pediatrics and Seniors, the goal is to include videos, links, images and text.

Software:  Wikispaces (collaborative web tool).  Contents include:  multimedia videos, podcasts, audio narrations, images and links to external sources.

Explainers:  (Short 1-2 minute animated videos to explain a topic).