Alphabet soup: CEUs are SDL

Doctor typing on PC

My example of self-directed learning is about my husband.  He is the Director of Medical Records at a Family Clinic.  His profession requires a strict set of Continuing Education Credits in order to maintain his credentials.  He’s been in the profession for over twenty years.  The credential RHIA (Registered Health Information Administration) follows his name. Headquartered in Chicago, the governing body AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) mandates 30 credits within 2 years.

All that said, CEUs are self-propelled and it’s incumbent on the person to maintain the current knowledge to stay abreast of the latest software, coding, trends and governmental policies. 

Keeping on top of the Continuing Education Credits is a form of Self-Directed Learning because there are no specific rules.  The person must be responsible for his/her own CEUs. They can take the appropriate courses via online, conferences, written material, courses or workshops.  I can see the benefits of keeping on top of the current trends.  Many professions require CEUs….but not Instructional Design?


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